Cogen System

We offer a wide range of Cogeneration or combined heat and power systems (CHP) to all our customers worldwide. COGENS are applied to heat engine or power station to simultaneously generate electricity and heat.Cogeneration is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel. In separate production of electricity, some energy must be discarded as waste heat, but in our cogeneration Systems this thermal energy is put to use at its maximum efficiency . We offer CHP system which provides electricity and heat at a combined efficiency approaching 90%. This is a significant improvement over the combination of the 35% efficient electric utility and a conventional heating boiler with a 65% efficiency.

Boiler Parameters:

Type : Suitable for high pressure applications upto 45 kg/ pressure
Design : Customized according to the customer specification
Temperature : 100°c to180°c Fuel
solid fuel : Coal, husk, bagasse, wood chips, saw dust, biomass liquid fuel - furnace oil, lshs, ldo gas fuel - natural gas, biogas, lpg